My Rates

My training packages start at $350.00 and up.  
Looking for more information about packages? Have some questions and want to chat?
Please message me via my contact page OR email me directly at

Three Steps to Improve Your Life

Your health is the most important asset in your life. It's the first thing that we neglect when we get busy but as soon as it's in jeopardy, it has the power to stop us in our tracks. If you don't know where to begin, start here:


STEP 1: Contact me

If you'd like to discuss potentially working together, please send me a message OR email me directly at I will promptly reply to you within 24 hours and we can book a time/date to meet in-person for your complimentary fitness consultation.

I'll happily answer any of your questions or concerns in a timely manner.


STEP 2: Complimentary Fitness Consultation 

During our email exchange, we will set up a date and time to meet in-person for your complimentary fitness consultation. During this 45-minute session, we will:

  • Discuss your current/past exercise experience, pre-existing injuries, health concerns, nutrition/lifestyle habits
  • Discuss practices, foods and exercises that you can instantly start doing to improve your health
  • Discuss your #1 fitness goal and develop an action plan to achieve it

After we set-up a consultation date, please download/fill-out a copy of my health in-take form right here.


STEP 3: 1st Training Session

The first training session starts by recording your baseline information. You can't know how to get somewhere without knowing where you started. In this session, we will:

  • Take measurements and photos (depending on your comfort levels). Trust me, you will absolutely love seeing how your body transforms in these photos! 
  • I will show you how-to instantly start feeling better than you have in years with a variety of self-care movements and practices
  • Rev up your metabolism, boost your energy and jumpstart your health

I truly believe in small changes that lead to big changes. One step at a time is a recipe for long-term success. 


More Happy Clients

I wanted to compliment Caroline on the amazing upper body training she did with me! I feel toned and strong! I like that she meets me where I’m at yet still pushes me just enough!
— Alex

The amount of patience and care she gives her clients is incomparable. Her positive attitude alone could make someone happier and healthier. Working out with her was the best part of my summer.
— Mehr

After 2 weeks of training with Caroline, I dropped 4-5lbs of fat. Other changes that I experienced was going from 23% body fat to 16%. I feel more energetic and less sleepy at work from the training and Caroline’s nutritional advice. Caroline is awesome! She makes training fun!
— Yousif