Better-than-Costco Quinoa Salad. Super Easy!

If there is one thing that separates people who succeed with healthy eating and those who don't, it's MEAL PREP. I constantly hear over and over again about how tired people are when they get home from work and decide to just "order a pizza". First off, I HEAR YA, but secondly, if you're committed to your goals, you gotta stop making excuses. #sorrynotsorry because we all know that, "failing to prepare is preparing to fail". 

When my clients ask me what they should meal prep, I always think about dishes that yield a lot of servings and have a decent fridge-life. Weston (my fiancé) and I have recently started living that sweet, sweet #Costcolife and one of my favourite finds was their ready-to-go quinoa salads. So much goodness! However, being as I fancy myself a decent cook, I thought "hey, I should just make my own version and save that extra $$$ for my upcoming wedding." ;) Not only is this dish good for your bank account, it's also great for... you got it — MEAL PREPPING. Set aside some time on a Sunday afternoon, and just get it over with. You'll have a great dinner and lots of leftovers to bring for lunch. *Bonus* Quinoa and the lentils are both an excellent source of protein, so no need to worry about your muscle gains! 

Prep time: 25 minutes  |  Cook time: 15 minutes |   Serving size: 1 cup


- 1/2 cup of dry quinoa
- 2 roma tomatoes, chopped
- 1 cucumber, chopped
- 1 can of lentils, rinsed
- Handful of cilantro or parsley, chopped
- 1/2 red onion, chopped
- 3 tbsp of crumbled goat cheese or feta

- 2 tbsp of olive oil
- 1/2 of lemon juice
- 1 tsp of grainy mustard
- salt and pepper


  1. Cook the quinoa according to the directions on the package. Let the quinoa cool-down before adding the fresh ingredients.
  2. Chop all the ingredients and place them in a large tupperware container. 
  3. Only add the dressing to serving portions of the salad, when ready to eat.


  • Leftovers: Divide the salad into different airtight containers and use it for lunch the next day.
  • Vegetarian